Ji Young Kim


brdgit app


An app for a global society we live in & for the mental health of those studying abroad.



Bridging International and Local Students and Faculties

Brdgit is an app that acts as a bridge between international (study-abroad) students and local students. Whether they are a Korean studying in the United States or an American studying in France, they could break the language barrier and ease the pain of mispronouncing and miscommunication with Brdgit.


Safe and Understanding Environment

Brdgit cultivates a safe and understanding environment by letting only individuals in academia to join Brdgit. Brdgit lets you connect with people from all around the world in the safe and exclusive world of academia. Simply sign up with your .edu account to be a part of it.


People and Groups to Follow Tailored to Your Interests

With Brdgit, you can easily follow your friends, advisors, and groups based on your special interest and concerns. Connect with people all around the country, whether they are international or local, students or faculties.


Reach Out and Get Approached Easier

Reach out to people you follow easily, let them reach out to you easier. Through brdgit, you can share your concerns anonymously and with your advisors, and share your date with your advisors or friends easily.


Smart Proof-Reading

Brdgit's smart grammar proof-reading functionality helps you to better communicate with others by giving you better grammar suggestions on the spot.


Smart In-Context Translation

Simply type in your native language and brdgit will translate it into the right context for you.