Ji Young Kim


b. 1993, SEL.


/ Contact

865 Greene Avenue, Unit 3B
Brooklyn, NY 11221
United States

+1 912.509.5357


/ Capabilities

Art Direction
Creative Direction
Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
Concept Development
Editorial Design
Packaging Design
Print Production
Website Design
Motion Graphics
UX Design
UI Design


I'm a Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary designer / multipotentialite who strives to craft visual poetic allegories that would promote positive and desirable change in aspects of human condition — by combining creative insight, strategic thinking, and knowledge and experience in fine art into contemporary design practices.

I'm passionate about using my design knowledge for mission-driven lifestyle, non-profit, art and culture, food and beverage, beauty, and luxury clients (from startup underdogs to leading icons) which advocate sustainable, eco-friendly, healthy, ethical, and wholesome practices. I’m passionate about using my design knowledge for a positive change.

I was born in Seoul, South Korea, raised in a various cities and towns in South Korea until 12, moved to the Philippines, spent my middle and high school years in a various cities and towns in the Philippines, then moved to the U.S. after graduation to study painting initially but ended up getting a B.F.A. in Visual Communication / Digital Communication and Media / Multimedia at Savannah College of Art and Design.

Nowadays you’d probably find me mostly taking care of my 4 plants while I’m not designing. I find it very therapeutic how if I put effort and love into growing plants those plants give those love back to you by showing signs of growth.


/ Off Duty

Visiting galleries & museums
Taking a stroll in the city
Checking out new restaurants & shops
Taking care of my 5 plants
Sketching / Painting / Drawing
Chilling in NYC Parks
Watching things (like plants or small animals) grow
Laughing at quality memes


/ Obsessions

Golden Retrievers
Bodega Cats
My four plants
Party parrot
This gif

/ Select Clients